Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

Hyperhidrosis is a common problem also known as excessive sweating.

It is a common problem that can cause distress for many people as it can be a great cause of embarrassment. It can happen on various parts of the body, including under the arms (the armpits), on the hands, the feet or from the groin area. It can be problematic as it means people must change clothes more often, wash them and it can also be off putting for other people, which causes self confidence issues. This is why treatment for the condition is popular and can be of benefit to a great many people.

What is the treatment and how is it performed?

Hyperhidrosis treatment can take the form of an anti sweating serum which is injected into the area where excessive sweating is taking place. The serum is also used to treat wrinkles in the face and other disorders and is now being used in a weakened form to treat hyperhidrosis. When they are injected they can have the effect of stopping the patient from getting sweaty in that area, this is because it has an effect on the nerve endings so that sweat glands are not triggered by nerve impulses. The use of multiple injections can take place at various intervals and the patient must have them redone after around six to nine months.

What areas can be treated?

Places where excessive sweating takes place such as under the arms (also known as the axilla), under the feet, on the hands and in the groin. These are the areas where sweat is naturally apparent, but if there are signs of excessive sweating they could be places to use the treatment.

How long does it last, and are there any side effects?

The injections can have effects that last for around four to nine months after which further injections are required. There can be side effects from the injections just as there are with various forms of injection such as discomfort and swelling, but should such occurrences appear they should only be temporary. Some people have referred to the procedure itself as painful as it can involve multiple injections into areas such as the hands.