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February 6, 2010

Do you do surgery for torn ear lobes?

Q. Do you do surgery for torn ear lobes? If so could you quote me on a price and if i can home right after?

A. Hi there. A torn earlobe is something we can repair as an out patient local anaesthetic procedure, which means you can go home after it’s done. The procedure costs £700 including the initial consultation. You need to make sure you don’t get your ears pierced for about 6 months after that so that everything heals well and sometimes we say to people never to wear large dangly earrings afterwards too!

mr. taimur shoaib Mr. Taimur Shoaib

La Belle Forme Clinic 
24-26 Wilson Street
G1 1SS

Tel: 0141-552 0828
Web: www.labelleforme.co.uk


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