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May 24, 2010

I have excess skin around my armpit that I cant get rid of with exercise

Q. I have excess skin around my armpit that I cant get rid of with exercise – it gathers when I wear vest tops and I also suffer from excess sweating. Is there anything I can do to remove or tighten up the skin here?

A. Thank you very much for this enquiry unfortunately this area is difficult to treat but the excess can be removed surgically. This unfortunately results in a scar in the area but it does have the advantage that the area will be flatter.   Regarding the excess sweating in the area this is a condition that is hyperhidrosis and this can be improved with buttocks injections. This typically last between 8 and 12 months and you should have very little sweating during that time.   For more information about this procedures please visit our website http://aurora-clinics.com.uk.   If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the best way forward please this serve our ring 01844-214362.   Best wishes yours sincerely,   Adrian Richards Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics

mr. adrian richards   Mr. Adrian Richards

The Gatehouse
82 Billing Road

Phone: 0800 328 5743
Web: www.aurora-clinics.co.uk


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