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January 13, 2010

I want my breast implants taking out and not replacing is this possible?

Q. I want my breast implants taking out and not replacing can something be done to the breasts so they don’t sag?

A. When a breast augmentation takes place there are a number of changes that happen, which would have to be reversed.One of the most significant changes is in the position of the inframammary crease, which is the crease under the breast, which typically becomes lower, corresponding to a fuller breast.  This can be reversed (elevated) through the same incision if the scar is either an inframammary or in the areola.  If the breast augmentation was done through the axilla it will require an additional scar.There is a body of opinion that suggest that apart from the natural changes of the breast, the presence of an implant also leads to a decrease of the breast volume.  I am not aware of this having been proven scientifically, but if the breast augmentation has taken place many years ago, the breasts’ volume would have changed any way to some extent.It is possible to restore some volume for the breast using fat transfer, but if the breast has a significant amount of ptosis (breast droop), and the implant that was in was relatively large, it may not be sufficient in order to create a nice breast shape, meaning that have breast uplift may still be beneficial.This is obviously something that has to be evaluated in consultation, and I would suggest that before you see a surgeon you should try to find out the size of implants that you currently have.

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January 9, 2010

I had breast implants put in long time ago but want them taking out?

Q. Hello. I had breast implants put in ten years ago and they have been fine. But I am starting to reach an age where I want smaller breast and want to have the breast implants taken out. However I am worries that when you do this my breast will be covered in lose skin? Is their a procedure that you could do after taking my implants out to leave my breast smaller with out lose skin and more pert looking?

A. you have a few options after having implants removed:  1 – simply remove the implants and not do anything else for the time being (you can always have another procedure at some other time). A few women on whom I’ve done this have been happy enough. You can have an uplift with skin reduction 6-12 months later but the women whom I thought would be OK didn’t need this being done. 2 – have smaller implants inserted (either as an implant replacement procedure, or you can have the implants taken out to begin with and then implants inserted at a later date 6-12 months later) 3 – have an uplift with skin reduction at the same time and remove the implants 4 – have an uplift with skin reduction at the same time and replace the implants with smaller implants So, there’s a lot that can be done to make you feel most comfortable about yourself and just because you have the implants removed, it doesn’t mean that we can’t come up with something that looks very reasonable

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