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January 26, 2010

I only want a slight change making in my facial appearance?

Q. I only want a very slight change making in my facial appearance. Is it possible to have a small amount of fat taken out of another area of my body and transferred to my face in a particular area – i.e. halfway between jawline and cheekbone? How would this be achieved? I feel i look slightly gaunt and have lost some volume in my face.

A. Thank you for your enquiry.It is possible to have  small amount of fat taken out of the body and transferred to your face.  This is known as fat grafting and has the advantage that it is your only body tissue that is being replaced.The procedure is performed by removing fatty tissue usually from your lower body area either your tummy, hips or inner knee region and inejcting it into the cheeks.  The fat transfer does require an operation but there are some procedures that do not involve surgery that can also be use, such as sculptra treatment, is which small granules of polylactic acid are injected under the skin which stimulates your own body to thicken the tissue.  This is very successful and I think would prehaps be ideal in your case.I think it would be worthwhile you speaking to one of our patient advisors on 08707 606555.Best wishesAdrian RichardsConsultant Plastic Surgeon

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