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January 25, 2010

What facial rejuvenation can be done for 63 years old female?

Q. I am 63 years old female non smoker but i have aged terribly and feel i need surgical intervention to resolve this and make me look as young as i feel. I have recently come into money so cost is not a major consideration i just want the best what would you suggest?

A. The main consideration to begin with is if your general health is good, and there are no significant problems related to raised blood pressure or heart conditions that need to be addressed first.   The most common patterns for facial rejuvenation include facelift, neck contouring (neck lift), forehead lift, eyelid surgery and volume restoration with fat transfer.   At the time of a consultation, it is possible to select the most relevant components of rejuvenation based on your areas of interest and findings of the consultation. Rejuvenation of the neck and jaw line is one of the powerful tools for a more youthful appearance.   Treatment around the forehead (brow lift) really depends on the pattern of ageing, and in some women is not of particular concern. Eyelid surgery is also more common after the age of 50, as is restoring facial volumes with fat transfer either by itself or enhanced with stem cells.   The amount of sun damage to the skin also has significant relevance on the appearance of the face, neck and cleavage, and may require addressing the complete the results of surgery.   Nonsurgical treatments can also complement the treatment or take the place of surgical interventions for areas that show mild signs of ageing.   Last but not least, a structured approach for caring after your skin both in terms of sun protection and general maintenance products, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle will give you longevity for the results.

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