Chemical Peel

New skin, new fabulous you!

Ever wished you could just climb out of your skin, leave all the imperfections and scars behind and start afresh with a pure, unblemished look? Chemical Peels offer the chance to make this dream a reality.

What is the procedure?

Essentially, this is a procedure which does exactly what it says in the name. The outer layers of the skin are peeled off using a safe chemical. This can refresh the skin, remove sunspots and other imperfections and new research has even suggested that chemical peels may reduce the risk of skin cancer, but this latter point is still only a theory and has not been proven. The procedure is also available for use on hands, but the results can be much more unpredictable and the chances of scarring can be higher.

Could I be a suitable candidate for a chemical peel?

Those looking to remove deep-set wrinkles will likely find that this procedure is not suitable for their situation, however many other patients could benefit hugely from chemical peels. Those who realise that this procedure is not an alternative to a face-lift, those who wish to repair frail and damaged skin (for instance those who suffer from bald scalpskin) are the best candidates for a chemical peel. If you are a sun-seeker and will continue to be exposed to high levels of sun then this is also a procedure which will not be suitable. A chemical peel offers a fresh start but, after this, it is imperative that you look after your skin.

Will it really work? And will I really feel better?

For 24 hours after the procedure, your skin will be red and swollen but, after this, nearly all patients feel much better about their appearance. Vaseline has to be applied to the face several times a day to prevent cracking and soap should be avoided in the days directly following the procedure. However, 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure new pink skin will emerge under the peeling outer layer and this will be much cleaner and fresher than the skin which was present before the peel took place. As long as you take good care of your skin, taking sensible precautions such as wearing sun screen etc, then you should be very happy with the results of this non-surgical solution.

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Every year, thousands of people throughout the UK benefit enormously from a chemical peel, but only through an in-depth discussion with your surgeon will you be able to truly understand the benefits, risks and expected outcomes of this procedure.