Chin Surgery

Positively changing the contours of your face

Through the ages, strong chins have been considered signs of beauty. Chin implant surgery is a procedure that has helped thousands of people improve their appearance by changing the contours of their faces.

What is the procedure?

Chin surgery is usually performed to augment a weak chin or to balance other facial features, such as a prominent nose. Cosmetic surgeons often use a chin implant for chin enlargement. In addition to cosmetic chin surgery, facial implants are also commonly used to enhance the cheeks (for higher cheekbones).

Thanks to modern technology, there is a safe and permanent method to correct a receding chin and this is sought after by men and women worldwide. Chin augmentation is usually not carried out until the development of the bone is considered complete. Chin augmentation are surgical procedures designed to provide a more vibrant and attractive look of distinction. Chin implants are often recommended to patients undergoing nose surgery to achieve better facial balance.

Could I be a suitable candidate for chin implants?

Good candidates for chin implant surgery include men and women who are looking to add prominence to the chin or jaw area.

Chin augmentation may be performed once the facial bones are fully developed, which is after the age of 18. Most patients are in ttheir twenties, thirties or forties. However, the older the patient is at the time of this cosmetic surgery, the less likely he/she will be pleased with their new facial structure, because over the years we become accustomed to our basic facial features.

Will I really look better and feel better after chin implants?

Sometimes people with weak and asymmetrical chins choose surgery to change its shape and appearance. The ‘chin correction’ may provide a harmonious symmetry with your facial features so that you feel happier with your look. However, chin augmentation is aimed for one's look improvement rather than for its perfection.

Can chin implants be combined with other surgical procedures?

Chin implants can be combined with cheek implants or used in conjunction with liposuction surgery or other cosmetic facial procedures, such as a facelift or rhinoplasty nose surgery. You will find further information on chin reduction here.

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Every year, an increasing number of people throughout the UK benefit enormously from chin implants, but only through an in-depth discussion with your surgeon will you be able to truly understand the benefits, risks and expected outcomes of this procedure.

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