Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

If you’ve decided that you definitely want to improve your confidence and your quality of life by having a cosmetic procedure but don’t feel like you’ve shopped around widely enough for the right price, or if you’re just wanting a higher level of discretion and privacy regarding your surgery, then perhaps having cosmetic surgery abroad could be the solution. However, you must always proceed with the greatest care and caution. You might want to read our list of things to look out for when choosing to have plastic surgery abroad.

The combination of a relaxing break in the sun and coming back a different person seems almost too good a deal to turn down but there are several things to consider. One of the most important things is cost. While you will likely find that procedure itself is cheaper in most European countries, other financial drains will be incurred by taking the choice of having cosmetic surgery abroad.  The cost of travelling between the U.K and your surgical destination needs to be factored into your costings as does the cost of keeping yourself once you get over there. Flying is also another issue which will require consideration; will you really feel like squeezing into a too-small chair and battling with a sub-standard in-flight meal only a week after you’ve had your surgery?

The actual country you choose for your surgery-tourism should also be selected with care. You need to be comfortable with the standards of medical care in your chosen country; are you happy with the competency, cleanliness and care offered in your chosen nation? Plus, how much of an issue do you expect language to be? With something like cosmetic surgery, you need to be able to dictate your needs thoroughly and clearly; will this be possible if you only have a basic grasp of your host country’s national language?

Aftercare also needs to be a major consideration if you’re considering going abroad for a procedure. After you’ve returned home again, you will be in a different country to the doctors who performed your operation; you won’t be able to simply pop and see them if you’re having a problem or have any concerns. Most hospitals will not discharge you until they are happy you are fully recovered and should not encounter any complications. The most reputable clinics will offer follow-up appointments in the U.K to ensure that everything is progressing well and this is certainly something to look out for when choosing your surgery destination. Don’t be distracted by holiday offers- remember your main goal is a major cosmetic procedure, not getting a tan!








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