Gastric Band

Dramatic change, dramatic weight loss.

Not a decision to be taken lightly, nor a simple procedure. Candidates for this operation have to be in long-term contact with dietary and psychologists.

What is a gastric band?

A gastric band, or a lap band as they are occasionally called, is placed around the upper section of the stomach. In simple terms, this restricts how much food you would be able to eat before you started to feel full. The band is usually inserted using a laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgery. The procedure can change to suit a patient’s needs over time, with the gastric band being altered or, in the most successful cases, removed altogether.

Could I be a suitable candidate for a gastric band?

To be suitable for this dramatic and life-changing procedure you need to: • Have a BMI over 35 • Be prepared to meet with dieticians and psychiatrists over a prolonged period of time • Recognise that you have a severe weight problem and need a long-term solution to lose weight and help keep the weight off. It is important that, if you are considering this procedure, you realise it is certainly not an easy solution to losing weight. Just as much work needs to be put in by you as the surgeon, both before and after, in order to ensure that your desired change in lifestyle is both achieved and maintained.

Will a gastric band really work?

In the long term this procedure really can change people’s lives. For a procedure which takes just 1 hour, the rest of your life can be dramatically improved. Short term you are likely to be very sore and the mental strains of such a decreased appetite can, at first, be quite hard to deal with. However, once these hurdles have been conquered, you really will feel like, and will in fact actually be, an entirely new person. The ability to conquer our appetite and to have a regular relationship with food is something which a lot of us often dream about but, with this procedure, the dream can very much become a life-altering reality!

I am interested in having a gastric band fitted, what should I do next?

The first stage is to consult with your surgeon, but also your GP too, as they will be able to talk to you about the risks involved with the procedure and also whether in fact you are suitable. Find your surgeon and book an appointment today!