Hair Transplant

Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow.

A fantastic solution for anybody who may be going prematurely bald or who want to take years off their appearance.

What is hair transplant surgery?

The size and scope of the procedure will depend on your individual case but, whatever your situation, the surgery itself should be relatively the same. A strip of ‘donor hair’ is taken from the back of your head which is then passed onto a skilled team of nurses whilst your surgeon sews up the wound at the back of the head (the scar will not be visible). This strip of hair is then dissected painstakingly into individual hair follicles which are then transplanted one by one into the receded or bald section of the head. The hair will fall out after a few days but the follicles remain and new hair thus grows naturally. It is a time-consuming operation, with patients often spending around 6 hours under local anaesthetic.

Could I be a suitable candidate for hair transplant?

There are no set criteria for the operation but, again, it’s not something which should be entered into lightly. If your baldness is really starting to affect your confidence, especially if you are still fairly young, then this is certainly a good option for you. The fact that most of these operations are carried out under local anaesthetic means that most of the health risks associated with going under General anaesthetic are avoided. Because of the severe trauma inflicted upon the head during the operation, quite major swelling is to be expected and the area where the hair has been grafted in will be red and could possibly bleed. Because of this, you must also consider how much time you will need to take off work or if your job will allow you to wear a loose-fitting hat in order to cover up the trauma until it has gone down

Will a hair transplant really work?

This is not a quick fix and results will not be visible for a few months but, once the new hair takes hold it really will be a life-changing feeling! The confidence gained from this operation and the new lease of life it can give is really incomparable with anything else! Highly recommended

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