Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair forever.

Laser hair removal is a procedure which has really grown in popularity in recent years. It offers customers an excellent opportunity to significantly reduce, if not remove altogether, hair in unwanted places. Both men and women can have the procedure. If you’re bored of the pain and effort of waxing, this could certainly be an option for you.

What is the treatment and how is it performed?

It’s all rather scientific but, essentially, the laser energy used in laser hair removal procedures is absorbed by the unwanted hair and this creates a heat which destroys the hair root but causes no damage to the actual skin. This isn’t actually as pain-staking as it sounds as the light can be passed over a fairly large area at once and treat many hairs at the same time. The number of treatments which you need will vary on your own individual case; around 6 to 8 treatments are needed for paler skin, whilst the figure stands at around 8 to 10 for those patients with darker skin tones.

Could I be a candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal offers a solution to an embarrassing problem for people of all ages, be you young or old. Those with darker skin should ensure that their surgeon is using a laser which will not burn their skin, as some lasers have been known to have this effect. However if the procedure is done correctly then results should be good whatever your skin tone may be. Hair has three stages in its growth cycle and your hair needs to be in the anagen (or growing stage) to be removed but, don’t worry, your surgeon will be able to explain this and your procedure would be booked to coincide with said stage.

How long does it last, and will the hair grow back?

It is worth noting that no manufacturer of laser hair removal technology, nor any company offering the procedure, can legally guarantee that it will be 100% successful. That said, almost all customers experience a dramatic reduction in their embarrassing hair and find that, with renewed confidence, they have a new impetus to go out and live their lives. Laser hair removal offers a safe solution which won’t damage your skin like some of the alternatives will and you won’t have to cover up anymore.