Lip Enhancement

Get the fuller lips and pout you have always wanted.

Some of us aren’t blessed with the Angelina Jolie-esque super pout; some of us may well have been once, but age can thin out our lips and wrinkles can begin to form around the corners of our mouths as well. Lip Enhancement allows you to get more definition into your lips and regain a youthful plumpness which will really enhance your confidence.

What is lip enhancement and how is it performed?

The lip area is injected with a filler in order to provide the plumpness which is sought. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes and can be used to tackle a whole host of different imperfections such as lipstick stains, wrinkles, and a re-asserting of the cupids bow (the V-Shaped dip on the top lip of the mouth). This relatively simple and non-surgical procedure provides an interesting option for those who require a quick enhancement to their lower face.

Could I be a candidate for lip enhancement?

This is a treatment ideal for those women who have lost plumpness in their lips through aging or for those women, however young or old, who feel that they need to enhance the natural size and shape of their lips. Enquiries should be made as to the ingredients in the specific injection you will receive and any allergies or ethical concerns should be talked through with your surgeon and your GP as well. Patients should be able to go home straight away and thus it is an ideal solution for those with busy lives who might not be able to find the recuperation time required after a more complicated and surgical procedure.

How long does it last, and will i suffer any side effects?

There will be some swelling immediately after the operation but this is to be expected because of the trauma inflicted upon the lips during the procedure. This swelling should quickly subside however and then the results will be visible immediately. The results will last up to six months and, as long as regular top-up appointments are attended after this, you should be happy with the results. There are very few possible side-effects but some light bruising might well occur.

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