Neck Lift

Achieving a completely natural look

For many people, the neck is the first area to show age. If you have loose-hanging skin that has lost its elasticity creating band lines, excess skin, or fat, a neck lift (Platysmaplasty) can help to improve your appearance, bringing your neck back into shape.

If you've lost a lot of weight, your neck may be taking its time to ‘catch up’. For others, it is more often than due to genetics. Whatever the reason, an increasing number of people undergo neck lift procedures each year.

What is the procedure?

Surgery of the neck is reached though incisions around the ears and through the tiny incision under the chin. When there is a lot of extra skin, it needs to be removed. This placement of the incisions permits hiding the scars in facial details.

Typically, the procedure will last two to three hours. Of course, if you are having a neck lift in conjunction with liposuction, facelift, brow lift, or other surgeries, the time will vary accordingly. Your exact procedure will depend on your desired results and your own personal circumstances.

Could I be a suitable candidate for a neck lift?

If you are self-conscious I any way about your neck’s appearance, you can be considered a good candidate for a neck lift.

What is a suitable age for a neck lift?

Ideally, you should be 18 or older. However, in some cases exceptions may be made for girls who are 16 or 17. The main rule is to wait for a minimum of three years after the onset of menstruation.

Can men have a neck lift?

Yes. This procedure is available to men or women.

Will I really look and feel better after a neck lift?

Your expectations need to be realistic. Most patients are pleased with the outcome and find they gain a feeling of increased self-confidence especially when wearing can those more revealing clothes. The overall achievement will be having a completely natural look that gives the impressions you have lost weight and/or look younger.

How long does a neck lift last?

Results can last up to 10 years.

Can a neck lift be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Many patients choose to have a neck lift with their facelift procedure and also with chin augmentation.

Talk to a cosmetic surgeon

Every year, thousands of people throughout the UK benefit enormously from neck lift surgery, but only through an in-depth discussion with your surgeon will you be able to truly understand the benefits, risks and expected outcomes of this procedure.

You will find further information on a neck lift in our cosmetic surgery guide