Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement

At last a non-surgical breast enlargement treatment

Breast enlargement has for a long time been associated with surgical enhancement as part of a cosmetic surgery procedure. However, many people feel uncomfortable with the idea of surgery as it involves a general anaesthetic and it can leave scars, which is why a non-surgical alternative is a welcomed addition to the arsenal of methods on hand to increase the size of someone’s breasts. With Macrolane TM breast enhancement, breast enhancement of one cup size can take place in a safe and efficient way without the need for surgery.

How does non-surgical breast enlargement work?

The gel is made up of Stabilized, Non-Animal hyaluronic acid (NASHA), which is a substance already found within the body. As it is stabilized this forms a strong gel that can be injected into the breast tissue and sits under the skin after being moulded into shape.

Am I a suitable candidate for non-surgical breast enlargement?

The treatment can be used on the breasts but it can also add volume and shape to the buttocks and other areas. Someone who would be a suitable candidate for Macrolane TM breast enlargement gel are women with smaller size breasts who wish to gain a fuller bust size without the use of surgery or perhaps want to see what they would look like with larger breasts before undergoing surgery. Those who want to go up just one cup size (ie, A to B) would benefit as well as those whose breasts are misshapen (inlcuding nipples pointing in an unsatisfactory direction). The best types of the breasts for Macrolane TM, to achieve the best results are those on younger women (from 25 to 50) with breast tissue that is no less than a centimetre thick.

How is the treatment performed and how long does it last?

Macrolane TM enhances the size and shape of the breasts through the use of an injection that is inserted into the crease of the breast. The Macrolane TM gel is then fed through into the breast where it settled beneath the breast tissue. Before the gel is injected the area is also numbed with a local anaesthetic. The procedure can take anywhere between half an hour to an hour and a half. It will usually last anywhere between twelve to eighteen months. After this top ups can take place at various intervals.

Are there any side effects to Macrolane TM?

As the Hyaluronic acid is already in our body it is not a foreign substance and is not likely to be rejected or cause an allergic reaction. Other side effects are those common with injections and other procedures of this type such as tenderness, bumps and slight pain, but this will pass.