Scar Improvement

Scar improvement surgery can improve the appearance of scars.

Scarring is a sensitive issue. Some find scars to be character defining traits that make up a big part of their facial appearance, but others do no find them to be attractive, especially if they are larger, problem causing scars. Bigger scars can be of great embarrassment for a number of people and can cause self consciousness. The position of the scar can also play into this and clearly visible scarring to the face can cause much in the way of concern. This is why scar improvement surgeries can be highly popular as it can greatly improve the appearance of such scars. Though no scar can be completely removed, through a cosmetic surgery procedure the chance of someone noticing scarring to your face can be greatly reduced.

What is the treatment and how is it performed?

There are various forms of scarring that can be of concern to people. Hypertrophic scars are more visible scars that appear raised and swollen whilst being red in colour. Likewise, Keloid scars are just as visible and can be of concern for areas like the upper areas of the body like the neck, face or chest ā€“ they also have a tendency to grow. To attempt to combat their appearance a surgeon can perform what is known as a z-plasty where the scar is hidden with the natural creases of the skin. They will remove the scar and then make new incisions into the skin and re-stitch the wound into a different way that looks like a ā€˜zā€™ shape. Later on, the surgeon may choose to use laser surgery in the weeks following the surgery to try and hide the scar even more.

Alternatively, the surgeon may opt to use skin grafts to treat the area. This is where skin is removed from a donor area of the body and applied to the new area.

What kind of results can i expect?

The scar is not going to be removed completely, but the appearance of a keloid or hypertrophic scar can be treated so that they are much less visible. However, keloid scars do have the risk of reappearing with time. If the surgeon has used skin grafts, this itself can leave scarring on the donor site where the grafts were taken from.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Any surgery has risked attached to them. Infections could occur in the relevant areas as well as swelling and bleeding. The scar may reappear and in the case of keloid scar the chance of such reappearance is increased.

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