Tattoo Removal

Remove the regrets of your youth!

Many of us do things we regret when we’re younger; sadly tattoos are one such regret which is permanent. Not anymore; laser removal of tattoos offers the chance to banish those regrets from our bodies and begin afresh!

What is the tattoo removal and how is it performed?

A special laser beam is used on the unwanted tattoo, with an intense light being focused over the troublesome area. This light breaks up the ink particles which make up the tattoo and reduces them to tiny fragments which are naturally absorbed by the body. The procedure is not instantaneous, and tattoos fade with each successive treatment, gradually becoming lighter and lighter until they are no longer visible or can be covered up. Generally around 8 to 10 treatments are required.

What kind of results can i expect?

Those with skin irritation problems or other dermatological issues around the area of the unwanted tattoo should consult both their doctor and their surgeon before undergoing this procedure but, aside from this, anyone who has a tattoo they wish they didn’t should be able to benefit from this treatment. The treatment is uncomfortable, sometimes painful but a local anaesthetic cream can be applied for those who might be of a weaker disposition. Also some colours, such as deep red, and larger tattoos, will not respond as well to this treatment. An initial consultation would assess whether your tattoos were suitable for undergoing this particular non-surgical procedure.

Will it work, and are there any risks or side effects?

Miracles can’t be performed. If you have a really vibrant tattoo then you really should be prepared for the fact that your tattoo will likely only be faded and thus will need covering up with some more ink. However, for those of you with smaller tattoos, especially ones in black or greyscale, then laser treatment offers the only viable solution to getting rid of past artistic mistakes. The process will be a long one; 8 or 10 sessions over a series of weeks, or maybe even months. Thus it is not a quick fix but, as long as you don’t expect the skin to be as clean or unblemished as it was before you got the tattoo, then you should be happy with this procedure.

You will find further information on a tattoo removal in our non surgical treatment guide