Non-invasive treatment to restore a more youthful appearance to skin.

As we get older, the aging process can manifest itself in a number of ways, but the most common and well known form of aging is wrinkles and the relaxing of skin on the face. There are various ways in which people attempt to reverse these processes and return their skin to its more youthful appearance and a new way is in the form of Thermage, a non-invasive form of cosmetic treatment. Unlike other procedures it does not require surgery or the insertion of foreign bodies into the skin. Instead it is a relatively short procedure with no recovery period, meaning you can be back on your feet immediately.

What is Thermage and how is it performed?

The procedure involves the use of radiofrequency waves to create an area of heating in the skin. A chain reaction occurs that then results in the collagen in the skin tightening and thickening. The skin is split into various layers, the inner layer being the dermis and the outer layer the epidermis (this outer layer will be protected from the effects of Thermage). The collagen that is tightened through Thermage is found in the dermis and is a protein that gives the skin its strength (and giving you a youthful look if you are yet to show any sign of aging) – this is reduced greatly as we get older, which is why it requires stimulation from the use of this procedure. The procedure could take a couple of minutes or it could take a couple of hours. This will depend upon where the treatment is being carried out.

How long does Thermage last?

The effects of Thermage are relatively long lasting. As well as the initial solution to wrinkles outlined above the body then follows this up by creating new collagen that will provide the skin with new life. As a result the body starts to naturally iron out the skin. These gradual effects take place within a certain timeframe but can vary from patient to patient. For some it can begin anywhere within a couple of months to half a year, but for others it has been sooner. Once these effects start taking place it can last for an extended period of time, from two to three years.